WPP and NVIDIA Join Forces to Unleash the Power of AI in Visual Content Production


In a groundbreaking partnership, NVIDIA and WPP have joined forces to develop a powerful content engine that integrates NVIDIA Omniverse and AI technology. This innovative engine aims to empower creative teams by enabling them to produce high-quality commercial content faster, more efficiently, and at scale while maintaining strong alignment with clients’ brand identities.

The engine creates a seamless connection between a comprehensive ecosystem of 3D design, manufacturing, and creative supply chain tools. This includes renowned software solutions from industry leaders such as Adobe and Getty Images. By combining 3D content creation with generative AI, WPP’s artists and designers can deliver highly personalized and engaging experiences that resonate with consumers. Moreover, this integration ensures that the brand’s identity, products, and logos are faithfully represented, preserving the quality and accuracy of their visual assets.

During his keynote address at COMPUTEX, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang showcased the engine’s capabilities through an impressive live demo. The demonstration illustrated how WPP’s clients can collaborate with their teams to create vast quantities of brand advertising content, including images, videos, and immersive experiences like 3D product configurators. This level of customization and immersion was previously unimaginable.

Huang emphasized the transformative potential of the engine, stating:

“The world’s industries, including the $700 billion digital advertising industry, are racing to realize the benefits of AI. With Omniverse Cloud and generative AI tools, WPP is giving brands the ability to build and deploy product experiences and compelling content at a level of realism and scale never possible before.”

Mark Read, CEO of WPP, echoed this sentiment, recognizing the impact of generative AI on the marketing landscape. He emphasized WPP’s unique advantage, enabled by their partnership with NVIDIA, which provides an AI solution not available anywhere else in the market. Read believes this new technology will revolutionize how brands create commercial content and solidify WPP’s position as the industry leader in applying AI creatively for top global brands.

At the core of this content engine lies Omniverse Cloud, a platform that connects 3D tools and facilitates the development and operation of digitalization applications. This seamless integration allows WPP to harness product-design data from various software sources, including Adobe’s Substance 3D tools and computer-aided design tools. The result is the creation of brand-accurate, photorealistic digital twins of client products.

To enhance the creative process, WPP utilizes responsibly trained generative AI tools and content from partners such as Adobe and Getty Images. This empowers designers to generate diverse, high-fidelity images based on simple text prompts, which can then be seamlessly incorporated into scenes. Notable contributions include Adobe Firefly, a collection of creative generative AI models, and exclusive visual content from Getty Images created using NVIDIA Picasso, a foundry for custom generative AI models focused on visual design.

With the final scenes in place, creative teams can efficiently render large volumes of brand-accurate, 2D images and videos for traditional advertising purposes. Alternatively, they can publish interactive 3D product configurators to the NVIDIA Graphics Delivery Network, a global graphics streaming network accessible across web devices, providing consumers with captivating experiences.

Beyond its speed and efficiency, this new engine outperforms current content creation methods that rely on manual creation and disconnected tools. Instead, the engine offers a streamlined workflow that revolutionizes the creative process and enhances collaboration.

This collaboration between WPP and NVIDIA further solidifies WPP’s leadership position in emerging technologies and generative AI. The agency has already delivered award-winning campaigns for major clients worldwide, and this partnership is set to amplify its capabilities.

The new content engine will be exclusively available to WPP’s clients worldwide, signaling a new era of brand content creation and experiences that push the boundaries of creativity and technology.