U.S. Senators Take Action to Enhance AI Competitiveness and Security

Washington D.C., USA - Dec. 08, 2022: United States landmark. National Capitol building in Washington, DC. Capitol building on Capitol Hill
The Office of Government Utilization and the National Artificial Intelligence Safety Board will play a vital role in regulating the use of AI by federal agencies.

U.S. senators from both sides of the aisle are taking action to ensure American leadership in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, as well as its security against foreign adversaries like China.

Senators John Thune, R-SD., Jacky Rosen, D-NV., and Gary Peters, D-Mich., introduced a bill that would create an interagency task force focused on developing regulations for the use of AI by federal agencies. The Task Force on Artificial Intelligence for Government Utilization would be responsible for researching best practices in AI technologies and providing guidance to government entities on its use.

“The public should have confidence they are talking to an actual person or artificial intelligence when interacting with the government,” said Sen Braun of Indiana who co-sponsored this bill.”This legislation will help ensure decisions aren’t made without humans in the driver’s seat while protecting public safety.”

In addition, Sens Michael Bennet, D-Colo., Todd Young R-Ind., and Mark Warner D.-Va., proposed creating an Office of Global Competition Analysis designed to evaluate U.S. competitiveness in AI compared with other countries such as China. “Artificial intelligence is the defining technology of the 21st century and will impact nearly every aspect of our lives,” said Sen. Bennet in a press release.

“This bill would help ensure American leadership in this space by increasing our ability to monitor and compete with other countries to create effective policies for AI development.”

Sen. Bennet

Additionally, Sens Warner and Thune introduced the Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act, which would establish an Office of AI Research and Standards at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This office will be responsible for developing standards for AI use in both public and private sectors.

These efforts demonstrate a commitment to ensuring that U.S. leadership in AI remains strong and resilient against foreign adversaries. As the U.S. continues to invest in AI advancements, we must protect our citizens from the potential misuse of these technologies. This legislation provides a much-needed step forward in doing just that. With the help of these bipartisan efforts, the U.S. will be able to maintain its preeminence in the development and utilization of artificial intelligence for a better tomorrow.

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Furthermore, Sen Richard Blumenthal introduced the Artificial Intelligence Development Act. This would require federal agencies to establish an Office of Government Utilization within their organization responsible for AI use policy and oversight. The Office of Government Utilization would develop processes to ensure the implementation of best practices for AI development as well as evaluate public and private sector compliance. Additionally, this bill would create a National Artificial Intelligence Safety Board to monitor the use of AI by government agencies.

This legislation marks an important shift in how the U.S. will approach artificial intelligence moving forward. It shows a commitment to invest resources into developing regulations and policies that will protect citizens. But also leveraging advanced technology to propel our economy forward. With these bills, we are setting up a path for the safe and innovative use of AI which will benefit both citizens and businesses alike.